About us

Hello our users, Welcome to LINK TO SOUL.

The main objective of this website is to inspire people to pay attention to their intuition as well as their spiritual wellness. Apart from this, the other main purpose of this site is to keep the human relationship strong. This website is run and maintained by two people.

About the website

Link to Soul is a website that works on the ideal thoughts of spiritual wellness as well as relationships. This site inspires people to trust their instincts and encourages them to increase their spiritual well-being. Our goal is to develop and strengthen human relationships.

About the admin

Rahul Kumar Yadav is the admin of this webiste. he has 8 yeras of experience of web blogging. He is a spiritual person since childhood and loves listening to devotional quotes, satsangs, devotional songs, aarti . He is a big worshiper of God and lives in His grace. He feels like a labour of love to share his thoughts to the people. Users can contact him by clikcing here.

About the author

Ramandeep Kaur is the author of Link to soul. She has about 5 years of experience of web blogging. She has a spiritual personality. She likes to lives in the Lord’s favor and is confident in obeying His commands. She writes about what she has experienced in her life and has faith in God’s progress. She loves to shares her experience as well as her thoughts through this website. Users can contact her by clicking here.