Finding yourself again: How to come alive

In reality, finding yourself means returning to yourself. Remember who you were before this world overtook you. Sometimes to become a father-mother, sometimes a husband-wife, sometimes to become a good worker, we start losing ourselves. This does not happen as a result of any one process. The world is a very busy hub. Whoever needs something, takes that from us. We live with a never-ending to-do list.

Our condition becomes like a scooter lying in the junkyard of a garage. Whoever needs a part takes it out. One day, what we really were, is lost.

Finding yourself again How to come alive
Finding yourself again

It was the second last month of the year 2015. I met a girl. On seeing her, I felt that she was exactly like me. I could see my soulmate in her. After being friends for a few months, we fell in love with each other. Although she was older than me, I had no idea about it. She was also a big dreamer like me. In those days, I was just like a child who did not know how to be cunning.

After meeting her, I felt as if I had found everything. I was lost in her sweet talks. But all this was not for life. By the time 2020 came, everything had changed. The masks had changed. Our relationship had taken a turn in the wrong direction. The fights between us had increased a lot. As much as we agreed with each other in the beginning, now we disagree to the same extent.

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I lost myself

It was the middle of the year 2021. The day we decided to separate. It was very painful. I was not able to feel like myself. I started feeling that I had become distant from my purpose and goals and I had even forgotten who I am?A thick layer of dust had settled over who I really was.

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Images from the past were floating in my eyes. Due to being emotional, sad and worried for a long time, my mental and physical health had deteriorated a lot. My career was almost over. Medicines and motivation were not having any effect.

My jijivisha (will to live) was repeatedly inspiring me to find yourself and alive again. So first of all I assessed my whole situation and started trying to find myself.

Spending time with yourself is also a way to finding yourself again

As we all know that man is a social animal. If we stay away from the rest of the world for a few days, will our name be removed from the population register? not. I kept away from most of the people because most of my relatives and friends were demotivators.

I took leave from all work. Spent time with myself. I studied deeply my weaknesses, goodness, badness, talent etc. After evaluating all my circumstances, I changed my routine and started spending most of my time in gardening. I remember, once while I was walking in the morning, I found an injured pigeon. I brought it home and took good care of it. It recovered in a few days. It became very friendly with me. I realized that birds can also be good friends.

During those days when I spent time with myself, I made two new friends who encouraged me. They did not demotivate me like others.

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Playing with children

Our life begins as a child. To find yourself again, you must find the hidden child inside you. In my case, there were many children in my colony. They all used to go to play in the park in the evening. I also used to go to the park to play with the children. By doing this, I awakened the child inside me. I had so much fun riding a bicycle with the children that I never had while riding a car. It was a very enjoyable experience.

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Pursue your hobbies

Dear friend, age does not matter, we should respect the feelings of our soul. Try to remember what hobbies you had when you were in school. Now that you have got a chance, try to fulfill those hobbies which were left incomplete for some reason.

In my childhood, I was very fond of buying toys. Toy cars were my favourite. Toy cars that I could close in my fist. One day I was travelling to a nearby city. I saw a shop. A lot of toys were being sold there. I immediately went to that shop. All the toys of my choice were available there. I bought all the toys of my choice which was like a dream come true for me.

Try to learn something new

We may know a lot of things, but there are still many things we don’t know. When I was finding myself, I learned gardening. I started studying mathematics again, which was my favourite subject in school days. Whatever the age, we are students throughout our lives.

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Visit spiritual places

God has always been the last hope for mankind. Visiting spiritual places adds variety to life. By visiting these places, the mind gets peace and new positive energy is generated. Spiritual environment is very excellent for mental health. Here we get the power to come alive again.

Last time I visited the wonderful city of Mathura in India. Which is the birthplace of Lord Shri Krishna. At that time it was the festival of Holi. People were playing Holi with vibrant colors. I did not see any person unhappy in such a crowd. I was also very happy. That was the sheer joy of life. Traveling to spiritual places is also a way of finding yourself again and come alive again.

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meditation: how to come alive

This is also a way to finding yourself again. It is an easy process. Meditation completely restores the mind. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety. In the beginning, I too had no idea about it. I started by doing research on the internet. Initially, I did it for a few minutes only. After regular practice, I started enjoying meditation. This brought a new energy to my mind.

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Be Courageous

Never lose courage. Be courageous and fight like a warrior. If you don’t lose courage, the final victory will be yours. A person, thing, place, job may be important to you, but not so much that you should die for them. Always try to get better than that.

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That was finding yourself again and How to come alive. With some small efforts we can get happiness back in our lives. After getting yourself back, you can start a new life again. Try to learn from your past. Take a resolution that you will not let the mistakes of the past be repeated.

Dear friend, this was a small effort to share real experiences with you. If this article was helpful for you, then provide your feedback through comment.

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