How many years lord Rama lived?

Lord Rama is famous in Hinduism. A question arises How many years lord Rama lived? In this article, we have given information about the number of years lord Rama spent on this earth.

how many years lord Rama lived
How many years lord Rama lived

There are a lot of myths and tales that are popular among people across the world. It is a belief that he was for a significant period of time on earth. If you find this article helpful and interesting, give your precious thoughts on it and share it with your friends.

How Many Years Lord Rama Lived on Earth?

The Hindu religion widely worshipped him. It is believed that lord Rama is the 7th avatar(incarnation) of lord Vishnu. He came down to the earth during the treta yuga. According to believers and Hindu scriptures, lord Rama was a climactic figure of this yuga. It is believed that he lived approximately 11000 years on this earth. In addition, this belief is widely accepted across the world. This is also noticeable that this belief is in the roots of various events and stories in the holy book Ramayan itself and other texts.

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First million years concept

According to the Puranas, Lord Ram was born in Treta Yuga. Satya Yuga lasted for approximately 17 lakh 28 thousand years, Treta Yuga for 12 lakh 96 thousand years, Draper Yuga for 8 lakh 64 thousand years and Kaliyuga for 4 lakh 32 thousand years. Kaliyuga started in 3102 BC, which means 5121 years have passed since Kaliyuga.

According to the Puranas, Lord Ram was born in 864000 years of Draper + 11000 years since the birth of Ram + 5121 years passed since Draper = 880111 Varsag. According to this, Lord Ram’s birth is to be 880111 years ago.

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Second 5-year assumption

Indian astrologers have not proved that time is based on the rotation of the Sun around the Earth. He also propounded the time period beyond the year of Cancer till the completion of the Purana sequence of the Earth’s rotation in the entire constellation. The year is popular as ‘Savatsara’. One era is of 5 years. These five years are Savatsar, Parivatsar, Indatsar, Anuvatsar and Yugavatsar.

An era of 1250 years

According to a mythological belief, each era lasts for 1250 years. With this value, one cycle of all four Yugas ended in 5 thousand years. Therefore, if seen, 2500 years have passed since Draper and Kaliyuga. This is also noticeable that Shri Ram was born 2500 years ago. If we assume that the third cycle of four Yugas is going on, then surely Lord Ram must have been born before 5000 BC.

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According to Valmiki how many years Rama lived on Earth?

Shri Ram was born on the ninth date of Chaitra Shulak and in Punarvarasu Nakshatra when 5 planets were in their exalted position. Thus Sun was at Deggare, Mars at 28 degrees in Capricorn, Jupiter at 5 degrees in Cancer, Venus at 27 degrees in Pisces and Saturn at 20 degrees in Libra.


The birth did not happen millions of years ago, it happened only thousands of years ago. We need to research and think about this issue. Ram is a historical person and it would not be appropriate to criticize him. There is a need to leave aside the things of Puranas as well as other scriptures and accept what is written in Valmiki as the truth. Because Maharishi Valmiki ji has given a proper description of Lord Ram and his times.

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