Lord Rama birth date, instant answer

The Maryada purushottama Shri Rama was defined as an incarnate man but he was born like a normal child from his mother’s womb. There were many questions that came into the frame what was Lord Rama birth date? In this article, we are sharing lord Rama’s birth date with our users with some interesting facts and genuine information.

Lord Rama birth date
Lord Rama’s birth date

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Lord Rama birth date

Lord Rama was the son of Ayodhya’s king Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya. It is quite popular in the Puranas that when Shri Ram was born. Here we are sharing some facts that are believed by most historians and people. The popular story of the birth date of Shri Ram is that he was born on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. On this day, Ram Navami is celebrating across the country which is famous for marking the birth of lord Rama.

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The another question

Another question after this is that so many cultures came after the lord Rama and it is difficult to identify in which year, period and section he was born. Many times this question came and debated but till now nothing has been proven.
Let’s dive into the information to know the birth date of Shri Ram as written in the Puranas and traditions of different times.

In maharishi valmiki ramayan

Maharishi Valmiki wrote the Ramayan that mentioned the birth of Shri Rama. In the Baal kand of Ramayan, he has written that in Janam sarg 18th verse 18-08-10. He also describes in the Ramayan that lord Rama was born in Abhijeet muhurta on the ninth day of Chaitra shukla paksha. The most interesting and surprising thing is that when we calculator this date on the computer today, this is the constellation before February 21, 5115 AD.

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Lord Rama’s birth date in Tuldidas’s Ramcharit Manas

Tulsidas has mentioned in the Ram Charita manas about the born day of lord Rama. After the 190th couplet of Manas’s bal kand. He mentioned the same date and constellations in the first quatrain. He also describes every stage of Rama’s entire life in his book. In the seventeenth year, Lord Rama went to Tapovan with Vishwamitra and learned warfare with him.

Veda valmiki ramanyan is correct

Valmiki Ramayana is one of the most trusted beliefs of most people and historians. Even scientists believe in it. Research conducted in Delhi by Veda Wise Eye Survey, an institute of scientific research also confirmed it. Veda has given information about the situation of ram birth on the basis of astronomical calculations. The leaders of this research are Ashok Bhatnagar, Kulbhushan Mishra and Saroj Bala. Saroj Bala is also the president of IWEDA. According to them, lord Rama’s birth date was on 10 January 5114.

Valmiki said that in his book Kaushalya devi gave birth to the shri ram with a divine invocation in Punar vasu constellations and cancer ascendant. Valmiki says that at the time when Ram was born, five planets we in their highest position.

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How was Ram born?

According to the report presented in this argument titled Unique Essay of Cultural Continuity from Rigveda to Robotics, lord ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC at twelve five minutes (12:05 AM).

A new date by computer searched

When the planetary constellations said by the Valmiki Ramayana were depicted according to the planetarium, software, the date of birth of lord Rama was 4 December BC, 9349 years before Jesus Christ.

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