Magical dreams that never come true

I was born in a village in North India in the mid-nineties. The childhood of that time and the childhood of today are very different. Today I laugh that in my childhood my magical dreams was to buy a calculator. Although this was correct according to the time. Because in those days only a few houses in the village had television, that too black and white.

Magical dreams that never came true2
Magical dreams that never come true

My childhood friends were very fond of watching TV. They would become complete nomads to watch TV. I had no interest in watching TV because the characters of any movie had a very deep impact on my mind.

No matter whether you are born in a rich family or a poor family, childhood is very beautiful.

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The habit of dreaming : magical dreams

I don’t know of any greater dreamer than me. Sometimes it feels like a disease to me. I wonder, I have nothing in me like the environment in which I grew up. I have a habit of dreaming new dreams every day. Perhaps my fate is not like that of other people. I was not born with a silver spoon. Even after working hard, I get as much as a cumin seed in a camel’s mouth.

Magical dreams that never came true 1
Magical dreams that never come true.

Out of all the dreams I have seen, only a few small dreams have been fulfilled easily till date. When any of my dreams is fulfilled, I have already paid a huge price for it. That moment is full of conflict for me, the dream was fulfilled but at what cost?

I think it is not wrong to dream. I agree that most of my dreams get shattered. It hurts when a dream gets shattered, but only for a short time. After one dream gets shattered, I start chasing another dream. By doing this, I get new energy and it is also easy to forget the past sorrows.

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Well, I was born in a civilization which has the principle of reincarnation. If I die, I will be born again but I will not rest until I have fulfilled my dreams and goals.

Extreme emotionality

This is my biggest weakness. When I look deep into my memories, I find that whenever I have become emotional, I have lost something. Sometimes my career, sometimes an important part of my life, and sometimes myself. I have never been able to see anyone sad. No matter how angry I am and if the person in front of me becomes sad, my anger disappears in a moment.

In a fit of emotion, I even did things that I normally would not do at any cost.

The King of incompletion

Once I was having an argument with my ex. At that time she said that you have not completed anything till date, you have a habit of leaving everything incomplete. After a few days I realised that what she had said was absolutely right.

When I looked back at my life journey, I found that I had left many tasks incomplete that I had to complete. I don’t want to put the blame of incompletion of life on anyone else. This was my mistake. I had left my dreams, myself, things, journey and everything incomplete that came my way. I had fallen in love with incomplete things.

Magical dreams

Well, I tried to complete the incomplete things in time, unfortunately some things were left incomplete which may not be possible to complete now. Although she is no longer in my life, but thanks to her for teaching me a wonderful chapter.

From fear to courage

I think life itself teaches us how to live life. As a child I was afraid of ghosts, when I grew up I was afraid of losing people, losing things, losing relationships.

My fear could not save anything, neither people, nor relationships, nor things. Life went through such changes that I don’t know when fear turned into courage. This was a turning point for me. What I was not able to do even if I wanted to, time did it in a jiffy. Time came like a gust of wind and took away all the bad things, bad people, bad relationships, physical illnesses etc. with it.

After the gust of time passed by, I met myself. When I met myself after many years, I realized that the world is so beautiful. I was stuck in bad people, bad relationships and a never-ending to-do list.

Some changes are very painful in the beginning, but their results are very good. This is what makes us courageous.

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Truth behind my dark side

It is very easy to form an opinion about any person. I don’t know how people decide what is right and what is wrong without knowing the circumstances of someone. If a fly falls in milk, people throw away the milk, and if a fly falls in an expensive beverage, people throw the fly out and take it out. Your price decides whether you are right or wrong.

Well, I have never made any mistake intentionally. I have never hurt anyone knowingly. Due to circumstances, I have made some mistakes, which I regret till date and will regret for the rest of my life. I also keep atoning for those mistakes before God. Emotionality is my biggest weakness. Any work done for someone in an emotional state also takes the form of a mistake. This is my real experience.

One of my magical dreams was that I would never get my heart broken. I was never able to make anyone sad, and that is why I was exploited a lot. Sometimes emotionally and sometimes out of compulsion. I never proposed to any girl. I accepted the proposal of the girl who proposed me, ignoring all her shortcomings. She proved me to be unfaithful, and I could not even prove myself right. I was definitely not wrong. I did not have any evidence to prove myself right. My mistake is that I thought everyone was like me. If I was wrong, I would have probably collected evidence to prove myself right.

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Real experiances

The day I arrived on this beautiful earth, from that day till today, I have deeply pondered over each day I have lived. Each day of life gives a new energy. My aim is to live as a positive character in the hearts of people.

In a life full of struggles and ups and downs, God’s grace has always brought light to my path. These are some real experiences of my short life, which I am sharing because maybe they will be useful to someone.

  1. Life should be lived with practicality. One should not expect anything from anyone. Expectations from others lead to future sorrows.
  2. Before pointing out someone’s shortcomings, one should also keep in mind his good qualities and achievements. Highlighting the shortcomings of others to hide one’s own shortcomings shows cowardice.
  3. Becoming completely dependent on someone leads to inaction.
  4. Our imaginations can be very beautiful, but we should not turn away from reality.
  5. The needs and circumstances determine how long someone stays with someone.
  6. Making mistakes is nature, accepting them is culture, correcting them is progress.
  7. Ignoring someone’s good qualities and highlighting his evil qualities proves that the evil doer is not even worth the dust under his feet.

Depth of sadness

Right now as I write this article, I don’t have words to express my sadness. I always tried to be the reason for others’ happiness. I never cared about my own happiness. When I was going through bad times, everyone left me. I did not find anyone to whom I could express my pain. I only had my courage with me. The world is a race track, everyone is running here. If you fall, no one wants to pick you up. You have to get up yourself and run again.

The last hope

I never expect anything from anyone. I have not met anyone in my life from whom I could expect anything. Even if I ever expected anything from someone, it was never fulfilled. I think, either those people did not have the capability to fulfill my expectations or I was not special for anyone.

magical dreams
The last hope

There is someone from whom I have a lot of expectations and he is my God. He is my last hope. I consider every little thing as the wish of my God. I don’t know whether it is right or wrong, whenever something bad happens in my life, I feel that God has done it. also get very angry at God.

There are many such people in the world, they are atheists. When something bad happens in my life and I listen to an atheist, I also feel that God does not really exist. The very next moment I connect with God again, because there is no one else from whom I can expect anything except God.

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I get immense pleasure from visiting a spiritual place or temple. I have no interest in visiting a place that is not spiritual. God has given me a lot but it is also true that he never fulfilled the expectations I had from him. Perhaps the expectations that he did not fulfill were not good. Still, my ultimate hope was my God and he will always remain so.


Life is a game of uncertainties. When everything is uncertain, why not live a life full of joy and happiness. Always maintain courage and patience to fulfill your magical dreams. I wish that your magical dreams may definitely come true.

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