Signs that Lord Shiva is with you

He is omnipotent and omnipresent. In this article, we will tell you the clear signs that Lord Shiva is with you. Lord Shiva is a major deity in Hindu beliefs. Devotees worship him to fulfill their wishes. He fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. One who is a true devotee of Shiva becomes free from the bondage of birth and death.

signs that lord shiva is with you
Lord Shiva

In this article, we have shared some signs that identify that lord shiva is with you. If you find this article helpful and this knowledge helps you any certain way, give it a rise by sharing it with your friends and give your precious thoughts on this in the comment section.

Signs that lord shiva is with you –

  • Feeling of inner peace.
  • Finding his symbols around.
  • Dreams that indicate.
  • Prevention from bad.
  • Future indications.
  • Respect and blessings.
  • Seeing form while meditating.

1. Feeling of inner peace

When Lord Shiva is with you, you will get the gift of inner peace and tranquillity, which will help you deal with everyday stress and tension.

2. Finding his symbols around

If you see symbols of Lord Shiva around you, like a trident or Rudra rosary, then it is a sign that he is keeping an eye on you. The mind is the destroyer of blessings in life. If you can overcome obstacles in life with grace and ease, then Lord Shiva is with you.

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3. Dreams that indicate signs that Lord Shiva is with you

If you have frequent dreams during sleep at night and you see God Shiva’s idol or photo in your dreams, then it means that God Shiva’s blessings are upon you.

4. Prevention from bad

Many times it happens that we go ahead to bring something, but while taking it, some doubt comes into our mind about it. Even after everything seems to be fine, there are some nagging things that stop us from making that decision. This means that you feel that you have the blessings of God Shiva.

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5. Future indications are the signs that lord shiva is with you

Because people get indications of future events in advance. They come to know that the future will be auspicious and bad. This means that those people are blessed by the divine powers of lord shiva.

6- Respect and blessing

People who are blessed by God, whether rich or poor, they get respect everywhere. If someone achieves success despite hard work, then it is a sign of God’s grace. God protects them from all troubles. God remains happy with this, He remains happy in every situation. No matter how much sorrow there may be in their life. He is always happy and never feels like going to a doctor due to any problem. He overcomes every difficulty easily.

7. Seeing form while meditating

If you see the form of Lord Shiva while meditating. So definitely Lord Shiva is with you.

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Above signs that Lord Shiva is with you. Whether it is through dreams, intuition, guidance, success or outright happiness in preschool situations. These signs are considered to symbolize divine blessings and guidance in one’s life. He provides a unique lens through which individuals find meaning and solace in their spiritual journey. 

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