Sikhism view of human nature

The nature of humans has fascinated many scholars, historians and thinkers in history. In this article, we are sharing information about what is the Sikhism view of human nature. Basically, Sikhism is based on the teachings and lessons of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Grath Sahib Ji. This offers a unique insight into what it means to be human.

Sikhism view of human nature
Sikhism view of human nature

In this article, we have shared information what is the view of the Sikh religion of human nature. Sikhism beliefs centre around the notion of human life as an opportunity to align with the divine will. This concept prominently appears in the holy book of this religion.

Sikhism view of human nature, in brief

According to Sikhism, the primary obstacle to this divine alignment is the false sense of self. It is also called as “Haumai” or “Mai”. the people who surrender themselves to this kind of sense of self known as manmukh or self-facing. While the others who follow the guru’s teachings are gurmukhs or guru-facing. The haumai is the false sense of self that leads individuals to negative qualities. These negative qualities are lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. These bad qualities restrain the spiritual journey of an individual.

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Living in the will of Kartar 

Sikhism secures that Kartar, the one who created this universe, controls the world through his divine commands. Human beings are popular to be the pinnacle of creation, gifted with lots of intelligence, and emotions, as well as the ability to master their senses. However, their uniqueness creates problems when they get married to the same self. The Sikh ideal is for individuals to live in the harmony of kartar. Enjoying life while remaining mindful of kartar.

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Key principles of Sikhism

The primary principle of Sikhism is to live in harmony with the will of the creator of this universe. This involves prayer, self-restraint and moral purity. They encouraged us to stand up for justice, keep from strictness, and lead lives of truth. By attaching to these teachings, Sikhs also believe they are on the path to realizing Kartar and achieving liberation in the divine court in the afterlife.

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5 vices of false sense

Individuals in this spiritual journey must confront not only their false sense of self but also the five vices. These 5 vices are lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride. Sikhs pray for divine protection from these temptations. The fifth guru of Sikhism, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji used this metaphor of the wrestling arena to describe the ongoing struggle with these vices. 

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Conclusion of Human Nature by Sikhism view

To conclude, Sikhs view human existence as a gift from the Kartar, the creator of this universe. People gain human nature with the aim of realizing Kartar’s grace and achieving liberation. No doubt human creates obstacles, these problems can be overcome by following the right path and seeking the guidance of the Guru.

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