What do hindus believe happens after death

Death is the invariable truth of life. This article is about what do Hindus believe happens after death. The death of any creature born on earth is certain. What happens after death? There are many opinions on this subject. This article is about life after death and is based on Hindu beliefs.

what do hindus believe happens after death
Journey of soul

The body gets destroyed after death. Either it is burnt, or buried. According to Hindu mythology, The body dies but the soul is immortal. Human life is a tiny part of the soul’s journey.

Hindus belief what happens after death

When someone dies, the soul leaves the gross body and enters the subtle body. The structure of the subtle body is similar to that gross body. The subtle body is so subtle that only the soul can experience it. Only a few souls are able to see it. According to Hindu beliefs, after death one feels how light the body has become. However, it takes some time for the person who dies to understand that he is dead.

The person who dies keeps roaming around his dead body until it gets its funeral. He is unable to give up the attachment to his body. He tries to say something to the people gathered there but no one can hear his voice.

Yama’s messengers capture that soul and take it to Yama’s (God of death) world. On going there the soul has to suffer tortures according to its deeds.

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Theory of rebirth

According to Hindu beliefs, the soul is immortal while the spirit carries on. for instance, it is just as a man discards old clothes and wears new clothes. Similarly, the soul leaves the old body and takes a new body. After getting punished for the sins the person has done in his lifetime in this birth, the soul attains a new birth as per its karma. There is also a theory of rebirth in Hindu beliefs.

According to the 23rd verse of Chapter 2 of the Holy Gita, a religious book of Hindus – Lord Krishna says, that the soul is imperishable, immortal and indestructible. Neither can it be burnt by fire. Neither can be soaked with water. It cannot be dry out even by air. No weapon can even cut the soul. That is what Hindus believe happens after death.

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The conclusion behind “What do Hindus believe happens after death” is The body dies, and the soul is immortal. The soul gets the next birth according to the deeds of this birth. If this birth’s deeds are good, the next birth will be in a good life. Those who do bad deeds get their next birth in a bad life. It is belief in the Hindu religion that those who do dirty deeds get the next birth as a dirty creature.

According to religious mythology, life is a part of the journey of the soul. The journey of the soul is infinite. Human life is just a moment of that journey.

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