Who is the god of creation : Hindu beliefs

Looking at the beautiful world, a question arises again and again that who is the God of creation. From the beginning of creation till now, many civilizations have developed and perished. The belief in God is a common thing in every civilization. Everything created by God is filled with unimaginable beauty.

Who is the god of creation
Who is the god of creation

Well, it is difficult to give a single answer to this question. Because in this world, many religions, cultures, civilizations have their own beliefs. Actually, there must have been only one God, but we all know him in different forms.

Brahma: The god of creation

According to Hindu beliefs, Brahma is considered the god of creation. Ancient Hindu texts describe three main gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In Hindu culture, Brahma is called the god of creation, Vishnu the god of preservation and Shiva the god of destruction.

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In ancient texts, Lord Brahma is described to have four faces. He looks in all four directions with his four faces. He is also considered to be a self-manifested deity. The Vedas, the basic texts of Hindu culture, also came from his mouth. However, it is also true that Lord Brahma is worshipped very little. There are only a few temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in India and Thailand.

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Brahma, one of the three main iogods of Hindus, is the creator of the universe. This is written in ancient texts. The creator of the universe may be different in different religious beliefs. This article is based on Hindu religious beliefs.

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