Why do hindus not eat beef

Hindus are non-violent. In this article we will know why do hindus not eat beef. Meat is obtained through violence. Whereas violence has been described as a sin in Hindu scriptures. If we kill any living being to eat meat then it will come under the category of violence. Which is a sin.

According to Hindu scriptures, a person who wants to increase his own flesh by eating the flesh of another living being. No one can be more evil and cruel than him. And the person who gives up non-vegetarian food. He becomes respected by all living beings and respected by saints.

Why do hindus not eat beef –

In Hindu beliefs, cow is considered like a mother. It is believed that all the Gods and Goddesses reside in the cow. Torturing a cow in any way is a sin. The one who kills a cow goes to hell. There is a theory of rebirth in Hindu religion. One who kills a cow has to suffer not only in this life but in many future lives.

why do hindus not eat beef
Cow according to Hindus

Cow is mentioned at many places in ancient Hindu scriptures. Who believes in Hindu religion. Believes in God. Cow is revered for him. He considers cow as his mother. In such a situation how can a Hindu eat beef? For a Hindu, it is a sin to even think about eating beef.

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Cow according to Atharva Veda (an ancient scripture)

According to the ancient scripture Atharva Veda, cow is the basic source of prosperity. He is also the source of nourishment for the universe. Cow is the mother. Many products are made from cow’s milk. Cow is the last vehicle of the soul’s journey. That is why do hindus not eat beef.

Among Hindus, cow is also associated with Lord Krishna. When Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth in the form of Shri Krishna. At that time he loved cows very much. They keep cows. Lord Shri Krishna was a good cowherd. You must have seen the cow along with Lord Shri Krishna in his idols. This is also a reason for Hindus not eating beef.

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Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions. Everyone has their own freedom. In article “Why do hindus not eat beef” we tried to explain the importance of cow according to Hindu beliefs. The Hindu way of life was very non-violent since ancient times. They have been considering all living beings as their own. They believe that my soul is the same soul present in all the living beings in the world. Therefore, how can one soul cause pain to another soul?

Hindus love nature very much. His life was nature based. In Hindu scriptures, a non-vegetarian person has been called a demon. Eating beef is a big deal for them. There are mentions that they cannot even harm any living being.

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