Why is Krishna portrayed in blue, 7 reasons

Devotion to Krishna frees one from all sins. In this article we will know Why is Krishna portrayed in blue. According to Hindu beliefs, Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When you see a picture or statue of Lord Krishna, it appears blue in color. Then this question comes in our mind that what is the secret of this blue color?

Why is Krishna portrayed in blue?
Why is Krishna portrayed in blue

Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He had incarnated to kill demons and establish religion. To make life simple and happy, we should follow the words of Lord Krishna. He is a symbol of love and celebration. Krishna taught humans how to be happy even after losing everything. In this article we have mentioned all the reasons due to which Lord Krishna portrayed in blue.

Why is Krishna portrayed in blue

  • Killing of snake named Kaliya
  • Demon’s Breastfeeding
  • Vishnu’s residence in the sea
  • Two hairs
  • most blue nature
  • Small clouds
  • Largeness of character

According to religious beliefs, there are mainly these 7 reasons behind the blue color of Krishna.

Killing the snake named ‘Kaliya’

According to mythology, Krishna was playing ball with his friends on the banks of river Yamuna. The ball suddenly went into the river. A snake named ‘Kaliya’ lives in the river. It was very poisonous. Due to the poison of Kaliya, the water of the river had also turned black. Krishna jumped into the river to collect the ball. As soon as the snake saw Krishna, he attacked him. In the fight between the snake and Krishna, Krishna killed the snake. Then the entire body of Shri Krishna had turned blue due to the poison of the snake. That’s Why is Krishna portrayed in blue.

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Demon’s Breastfeeding

When Krishna was a child, there was a demon named ‘Kansa’ who was Krishna’s maternal uncle. He sent a female demon named ‘Pootna’ to kill Krishna. He assumed the form of a woman and gave poison to the children on the pretext of breastfeeding them. When the demon breastfed Krishna, Krishna bit her. The poison from her breasts entered Krishna’s body and he turned dark blue. This is also one of the reasons Why is Krishna portrayed in blue.

Vishnu’s residence in the sea

Another reason behind the blue color is that Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu resides in the ocean. Therefore, Lord Vishnu in the form of Krishna made himself blue in color. Their adaptation to the color of the sea also gives us a message to adapt to the circumstances.

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Two hairs – reason behind Why is Krishna portrayed in blue?

According to a mythological belief, Lord Vishnu had planted two hairs in Devaki’s womb with his power to incarnate himself from Devaki’s womb. One hair color was white and one hair color was black. Due to the influence of white hair, Krishna’s elder brother Balram was born. Whereas Krishna was born due to the influence of black hair.

Most blue nature

In Hindu mythology, Ram and Krishna are depicted as blue. Because most of the nature is blue like sea, sky, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. All the above examples are undefined, similarly Lord Krishna is also undefined. Krishna devotion leads the devotees to salvation.

Small clouds

According to Brahma sanhita (a book), the existence of Lord Krishna is made up of small blue clouds. This is Why is Krishna portrayed in blue. The blue color of Lord Krishna is the symbol of all colors. This means that all the colors in the world are in this color. Lord Shri Krishna holds the entire universe within himself.

Largeness of character

The blue color of Krishna also symbolizes peace of mind. The blue color also represents the greatness of Lord Krishna, the greatness of character and the victory of good over evil.


In this article we tried to explain Why is Krishna portrayed in blue. The above facts are based on Hindu beliefs and literature. Dear reader, your suggestions are important for us. Your suggestions are invited on this article. You can submit your suggestions through comments.

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